Waiver Process

One of the hardest times for a family obtaining a visa is the interview process. The interviews themselves are scheduled fairly quickly, but the waiver for unlawful status was a nightmare. Immigrants that were approved for a visa at their consulate interview after residing in the United States for more than one year, had to go through a waiver process. The waiver process is what eliminates the bar for being in the US illegally and allows the immigrant to rejoin their family. The waiver process must show a hardship to a US citizenship if the immigrant was not permitted to go back to the United States. The normal process for a waiver outside of the US could take months to process. This was very hard financially and emotionally for families. With Secretary Janet Napolitano’s memorandum on January 2, 2013, waiver interview are now able to be conducted in the United States, before the immigrant attends their consulate interview. This eliminates the time apart from each other for families and is a smoother process than before. Provisional Unlawful Presence Waivers are another huge step in this countries immigration policies. Nobody wants to be away from their loved ones and provisional waivers allow the immigrant to only be out of the country for the consulate interview.



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