Naturalization is hopefully the last time an immigrant will deal with USCIS. This is the final step an individual will take to become a United States Citizen. USCIS deals with Naturalizations in a different manner. For one, the process for Naturalization is speedy, usually within 3 months. This is beneficial for the client because they have waited many years to finally become a US citizen. Secondly, USCIS accepts Medical Certification Disability Exemption. This allows the immigrant to not take the civics test due to a disability. Many immigrants struggle with the civics test due to a language barrier or a physical disability and this exempts them from taking the test. Once the forms are all submitted, the client must attend a Naturalization Interview. The interview is usually generic and short, unless there is any criminal charges or discrepancies on the dates in the United States. If the interview goes smoothly and the case is approved, the client attends a naturalization ceremony and is sworn in as a United States Citizen. This is the most rewarding feeling for our office especially if we dealt with their whole immigration process. One thing our clients enjoy the most is that they no longer have to deal with USCIS or the stress that comes with their system. It is a bitter sweet moment that our office has successfully gotten citizenship for a client, but we know that there is many more clients to follow the same footsteps.   


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