Infopass is one of the best things that USCIS has to offer. An infopass is an appointment with an officer at the field office that has your case. An infopass is much more useful than calling USCIS, because the officer at the field office has the physical file with them and can answer questions more directly. An infopass appointment can also expedite a case by speaking with an officer. The officer sees that the case and will point out any errors or give an answer as to why the case hasn’t been processed yet. The biggest benefit from an infopass is that when an officer sees the case and notices that everything is good to go, they usually schedule an interview within a month of the infopass. The file may have been backlogged and no officer has looked at the file for months, so an infopass gives that extra push to get the case finished. The infopass can only be done with the applicant, petitioner, or legal representative. Since our clients retain us, we go to the infopass and the client appreciates the results. The only problem with infopasses are that appointments fill up fast so you may have to wait a week or two to speak with an officer. Other than that, infopasses are a huge asset to USCIS.


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