Filing Fees

Nothing in life is free, and the same goes for USCIS. Most applications require a specific fee that must be included with the completed application. With each form that you can download from USCIS, it has instructions and informs the immigrant of the filing fee associated with the form. USCIS is very particular on the filing fees and how they are paid. With most forms, other than electronic filing, the fee must be paid by personal check, cashiers check, or money order. The fee’s cannot be paid in separate payments and the full amount must all be on one of the acceptable forms of payment. USCIS will reject the application if the fees are not appropriate. Most people are very surprised when they find out the price of an application. USCIS had raised the application fees for some forms on November 23, 2010. There has not been an increase in fees since then, but USCIS may raise the fees in the future. I understand that fees must be paid to keep USCIS running, but most application fees seem inappropriately priced. It can be hard for families to gather up the money to pay for these fees, so USCIS does offer a fee waiver that can be included with each form. The problem with the fee waiver, is your family has to be in extreme poverty to have the fee waiver approved. Also, not all applications accept fee waivers which can be costly for some families. I believe that USCIS should work on lowering application fees because nobody wants to start a new life in a new country with no money in their pockets.


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