Change of Address

Most Non-US Citizens have to report a change of address within 10 business days of moving. USCIS implemented a new electronic filing system to file a change of address form (AR-11) more easy. The problem with the system is you receive a receipt number when updating the new address but many times USCIS does not update their records. You are instructed to call USCIS upon completion of the Change of Address online, but in a way it defeats the purpose of filing the online change of address. Many times, clients do not receive correspondence from immigration after completing the change of address. This can cause a delay in the case because the client misses information that USCIS has sent. In theory, the e-file could benefit USCIS, but there seems to be a glitch in their system. The best option for doing a change of address is to file it online, send in a paper copy of form AR-11, and notify immigration by phone that the immigrant has moved. It is a lot of work to notify USCIS of an address change, but the client will be up-to-date on any correspondence sent to them.


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