Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was a huge advance for the immigration policy in the United States. DACA has impacted our office greatly and can be considered the biggest immigration policy of the United States this decade. What astonishes me the most is how many individuals benefited from DACA. From teenagers to adults with families, DACA has helped a lot of people out. Some of our clients had gone their whole life without knowing they didn’t have status in the United States. Of course this causes problems in the family, but now there is an option for these undocumented immigrants. When DACA was announced, our office prepared for it. We familiarized ourselves with the forms, bought a new copy machine, hired another staff member, and prepared ourselves for the documentation we would need to request from the client. DACA packages in our office cover every month of every year so there is minimal chance of a denial. Our clients appreciate the time and professionalism that goes into our DACA packages. Every page of our packages is numbered and identifiable on the table of contents. After hearing stories from our clients about other attorneys in the area, we know that this is what sets our office apart and is why we receive many referrals from previous clients. I have seen DACAs bring joy to many people, even some peers that I went to high school with. It brings me joy knowing that individuals my age no longer have to be ashamed or in hiding, but now embrace that they have some form of status in the United States. Also, with the immigration reform that passed in the senate, the “Dreamers” may have a path to citizenship!


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