The Wrong Help Can Hurt.

Notario fraud is a big issue in this country and is jeopardizing many immigrants. The biggest issue for the victims of fraud is the money they wasted by not going to an accredited attorney or legal representative. It is very unfortunate because once they have become a victim of fraud, they now have to hire an attorney to fix the mistakes that a notario got paid for. The immigrants that fall victim to these frauds admit that they went to them because it was cheap and they thought the notarios can provide legal services for them. I have seen countless cases of notario fraud that almost seem intentional. It is one thing to maybe have a typographical error, but the victims of these frauds have their whole applications with errors. Not only will a notario charge for filing out the form, but they also misquote on the appropriate fees needed for USCIS. One trend that occurs with our clients that were victims is that the notario always requested USCIS’s application fees in cash. When we ask if they received a receipt, majority respond “no”. The same victims that don’t receive a receipt for the fees are always scammed out of extra cash that is not the appropriate fee that USCIS would request for that case. It is up to attorneys to stop notario fraud and focus on helping these families come together and start a new life in this country. Our office is very big on stopping notario fraud and some local businesses allow our office to put up fliers and memos received from USCIS regarding notario fraud to assure innocent families do not become victims of this horrible scam.


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