Service Requests

Over the course of my employment, I have put in many service requests with USCIS. A service request is done when there is an error on a case, its past normal processing times, or to update some information. USCIS is great at putting in service requests. After the long wait to speak to an officer, if there is an error, past processing times, or you need to update information; the officers effortlessly put in a service request for the case. You are given a control number when the request has been made and are given a date, usually within 30 days, that you should receive a response to your request. This is where I have an issue with USCIS. The clients usually inform our office about an issue with their case, and as the office manager it is my duty to make the clients happy. In return, I contact USCIS to put in a request. Upon completion of the request, I notify the client of the information I received from the USCIS Officer. The date that the officer gives you is never accurate to receive a response. This is very frustrating for the client and our office. In my 4+ years dealing with USCIS, they have never been accurate on their estimated times. I understand that USCIS is a large entity and has many cases, but they need a new direction when it comes to quoting time frames. Many immigrants wait years to gain a path towards citizenship and to be deceived by the agency granting them these benefits can be very stressful for their whole family. I hope that one day USCIS can have a better understanding of the frustration that comes with their “estimated times”.


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